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Many church leaders feel like they are spinning their wheels. We help you gain traction and grow your church using the #1 tool for outreach—the internet. Learn more about what we do below.

You have an amazing story to tell. We make sure people hear it.

People judge a book by its cover

You have stories to tell. Stories about Jesus, your church, and the lives being changed at your church. But, if you can’t present those stories in an intriguing way, no one will even read past the “cover” and your church will not grow. It’s human nature for people to be quick to judge the credibility of your church by its branding and design.

The advantage

Since we know that people will immediately judge your church by its “cover” or by its first impression, we can use that to our advantage. If you want people to hear your incredible story, design an incredible cover.

Our strategy

1. Design a cover/first impression that grabs attention

We do this by first learning your story. Then, using what we’ve learned, we help you build a brand that effortlessly and beautifully communicates your church’s purpose.



2. Write an introduction that builds interest

Your introduction is most often through your website or social media accounts. We make sure that when people find find out about you, you capture their attention. This is done through strategic design and copywriting.

3. Add your book to the bookshelf.

If your book can’t be found on the bookshelf, no one will have a chance to even see the cover. Simply put, we help you build a marketing plan that puts your church in front of people so they know you exist. Regardless of how great your story is, it won’t do much good unless it’s read.



4. Give the reader an opportunity to become a part of the story

We use your branding, design, and marketing together to convert your readers into a part of your story and build your church. We do this through testing and refining the previous three steps using analytics that show us what does and doesn’t engage your readers.

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